Can muslims have a glass of wine?

While most Muslims consider alcohol to be prohibited (forbidden or sinful), a significant minority drinks, and those who do so tend to drink more than their Western counterparts. Among drinkers, Chad and several other Muslim-majority countries top the world ranking for alcohol consumption. Allah has clearly mentioned in the Quran that alcohol is prohibited and falls into the category of sin if consumed intentionally. Islamic countries have low rates of alcohol consumption.

However, a minority of Muslims drink despite religious prohibitions. Muslim-majority countries produce a variety of regional distilled beverages, such as arrack and rakı. There is a long tradition of viticulture in the Middle East, particularly in Egypt (where it is legal) and Iran (where it is prohibited). In a personal capacity, I think that the rise of such non-alcoholic beverages has just demonstrated the extent to which Islam strives to be inclusive, and I think the big picture highlights that Muslims around the world can always choose when it comes to deciding between what is right and what is wrong.

We don't think things are so difficult for Muslims today that they can't find anything to drink juice from, except in wine glasses. Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages that arouse the curiosity of Muslims, especially the younger generation, which is more exposed to liberal Western cultures. In addition, if you drink juice from a glass of wine, this opens the door to slander against the person who is drinking. It is best for a Muslim to avoid using containers that are used for cooking pork and drinking alcohol, but if he cannot find anything else, he is allowed to use them on the condition that he washes them with water before using them.

But if the intention of those who drink a glass of wine is to imitate those who drink alcohol the way they drink, then it is forbidden to drink from that cup, because imitating people who are evildoers and immoral is forbidden.

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