Does wine get you drunk differently?

No, although research shows that people report that they “feel” different emotional responses to different beverages. Regardless of the alcoholic beverage you choose, the symptoms you feel when you are intoxicated are produced by the same ingredient, which is ethyl alcohol or ethanol. Determining which alcohol gets you drunk the fastest depends on which one enters your bloodstream the fastest. Although it has a close alcohol content, wine enters your bloodstream faster and will cause you to get more drunk during the same time as beer.

In terms of a hangover, there's no clear winner. Both in excess will cause problems the next morning, but they are the same in terms of overall effects. The direct effects of alcohol are the same whether you drink wine, beer, or spirits. There is no evidence that different types of alcohol cause different moods.

People aren't even very good at recognizing their mood when they've been drinking. On a chemical level, all alcoholic beverages are almost identical. In addition to the strongest liquors, the vast majority of alcoholic beverages are mainly water, with varying amounts of ethanol (what we commonly refer to as alcohol) and a variety of colors and flavors. Ethanol has the same impact on the body, regardless of what it is mixed with.

So in theory, the same volume of ethanol should always have the same effect, even if supplied in a different alcoholic beverage. If wine relaxes you, it's probably because you usually drink it slowly in a quiet, relaxed environment. Different types of alcohol have different congeners, and darker alcohols (brown liquor, red wine, heavy beer) tend to have more than lighter ones (light liquor, white wine, light beer). It is also argued that wine makes you feel more relaxed because you drink it slowly, while beer is often drunk faster.

Beer usually makes you feel more bloated than wine, but it tends to have the same relaxing effects and does not cause aggressiveness as other liquors usually do. That wine will make you feel more relaxed than beer, etc.), researchers have doubts about whether different types of alcohol really affect you differently. Wine, for example, has higher levels of GHB (naturally occurring), which many believe is responsible for the wine's warmer feel. For example, more respondents reported feeling aggressive when they drank spirits than when they drank wine.

For me, wine is absolutely better for drinking, I don't like any other type of alcohol, they just make me tired and painful. On the other hand, if you slowly break through a bottle of wine, you're more likely to be setting yourself up for a quieter night and, by extension, a smoother drink. That said, the intestine is closely linked to the brain and wine is more acidic than other alcoholic beverages, so changing the intestinal pH could cause a different subjective mental experience for many people. I feel that my body processes wine or something like that better, I have a clearer mind and I feel like I am being massaged all over my body compared to when I drink beer or liquor.

Spirits have a higher concentration of alcohol (40%) than beer (5%) or wine (12%) and are often drunk quickly, either in drinks or with a candy mixer.

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