Is a bottle of wine a lot of alcohol?

Most wines, but not all, contain 12% alcohol by volume (ABV). For comparison, regular beer has 5% alcohol. A standard bottle contains 750 ml and a glass 125 ml, so drinking an entire bottle of wine is equivalent to six glasses a day. The CDC has established that one in six Americans drinks excessively, but basically everyone else who drinks are, may or will become problem drinkers.

That said, it's not that the CDC is alcohol scientists or anything like that. Kari Poikolainen, who used to work for the World Health Organization as an alcohol expert, is. And according to him, drinking a bottle of wine a day isn't bad for you. Although drinking nine bottles of wine a day is probably still bad.

Drinking a bottle of wine a day can quickly increase the chance of developing a physical and chemical addiction to alcohol. If a person regularly drinks too much wine or is often carried away by excessive alcohol consumption, it can be considered alcohol abuse, especially if it affects the person's general health. Which means that if you drink a few glasses of wine regularly, you're probably a problem drinker in their judicious eyes. It was discovered that Dipak Das, from the University of Connecticut, who published many studies focusing on the positive effects of red wine on the aging process, committed more than 100 acts of manufacturing and falsifying data, discrediting his work.

Drinking a bottle of wine every day for a few weeks or months may not cause liver cirrhosis; however, the same amount for ten to twenty years increases the risk of developing cirrhosis, many times over. These people go to work every day, attend social events, go home with their family, and then relax with a bottle of wine. Another study refutes the long-held belief that resveratrol in red wine prevents cardiovascular disease and cancer. That means, in his polite opinion, that one bottle of wine (which normally contains 10 units) per night would still be considered “moderate”.

Red wine is said to be the most effective, thanks to its relatively high amounts of polyphenols such as resveratrol. But how much is that exactly? Well, unfortunately, research says that it's not a bottle of wine a day; it looks more like a small glass, let's say 125 ml. He believes that drinking only becomes harmful when people consume more than about 13 units a day, most bottles of wine contain 10.

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