Is it haram to drink wine?

We know that wine is forbidden in Islam, but why is it that its ingredients, such as water, grapes and dates, are halal. Halal wine is a type that has no alcohol content. Wine and other forms of alcohol are prohibited in Islam, so a type of non-alcoholic wine was developed to allow Muslims to drink without going against the rules of the Quran. The manufacturers of halal wine produce it under very demanding conditions and it goes through a series of religious and technical exams before becoming certified as halal.

The wine is certified by the Halal Institute of the Islamic Council or by Halal Quality Control. Since the second category of punishment was specific to Hanafis (other schools punish alcohol consumption regardless of intoxication), they had to include a legal definition of drunkenness. It makes it possible for lovers of a glass of wine to have a drink and not experience intoxicating consequences. As for drinking halal wine to fit in or to have something to do at social events, I never believed that Islam was all about fitting in.

This wine not only provides Muslims with more drinking options at social events, but it is also a good alternative for people concerned about their health, pregnant women and vehicle drivers.

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