Will one bottle of wine get you drunk?

A bottle of wine will get you completely drunk. In fact, it will make you sick. I highly recommend that you start with just 2 glasses (8 ounces) and relax for half an hour to see how you feel. If you want to move forward, do it little by little.

I drink a lot, but I know that a full bottle of red wine could make me puke. So have fun, but take it easy. Men's alcohol tolerance is higher than that of women, and with this, men need three glasses of wine in an hour to get drunk. If a standard wine glass is 150 ml or 5 fluid ounces and a bottle of wine is 750 ml, that means there are 5 standard wine glasses in a bottle.

Read on, and for more information on healthy eating, don't miss The Danger of Drinking a Small Glass of Wine a Day, According to Science. Excessive drinking and yes, emptying a bottle of wine is excessive drinking increases systolic and diastolic blood pressure. If you drink wine on an empty stomach, the alcohol will reach your bloodstream faster, so be sure to eat a full meal before drinking a glass of wine. If you're a woman or a lighter weight, you'll need less wine; if you're a significantly heavier man, it may take more than 5 glasses of wine to get drunk.

I know people who can drink a lot and not get drunk, while I can get drunk with just one glass of wine (depending on how you define drunkenness). Even a glass of wine can cause a major allergic reaction, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. On the other hand, wines with a high alcohol content range from 13.5% to 14.5% ABV, while wines with a very high alcohol content can contain up to 20% ABV. Just because a standard wine glass has 5 liquid ounces, or 150 ml, doesn't mean that's what you'll be served at a bar or restaurant.

That means that drinking a bottle of wine will flood your system with enough alcohol to effectively stop fat burning for quite some time. One way in which this disturbance is manifested in the wine drinker who drank three too many is difficulty speaking. However, a man who weighs 150 pounds must drink four glasses of wine to get drunk, while a man who weighs 200 pounds needs six glasses to get drunk on wine.

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